Accommodation a little small? Save 30% with our Student Storage Discount

With O-Week now underway, teenagers across Australia have packed up their bedrooms, bid farewell to teary-eyed parents and moved into their brand new homes – student accommodation. However, many students are finding that their new space is actually rather smaller than expected.

If you happen to be one of these teenagers, you may also have discovered that you can’t actually fit all the stuff you brought along with you into your new room – because let’s face it, it’s pretty tiny. So, what to do with all of those clothes you’ll never wear, books you’ll never read and things that, actually, you’d prefer if none of your new friends ever saw? The answer is Wilson Storage.

Wilson Storage offers affordable storage space that is completely safe, secure and accessible 24/7 – and students get 30% off*!

Even though you’re tired of packing by now, it might be worth boxing up all of those extra things you have lying around the room to clear your space for some epic partying peaceful studying. Storage can come in particularly handy for those who overestimated the size of their room by so much that they actually thought it was a good idea to bring a bike or snow gear.

In addition to decluttering, you may want to consider using Wilson Storage to lock up your valuables for peace of mind – especially if you are sharing your room with someone else. And because the storage locations are accessible 24/7, you’ll be able to retrieve any belonging at any time, so there’s no need to panic if you desperately need something for a fancy dress outfit that’s in storage.

Did we mention students get 30% off? And, if you’re the type of person who makes friends on campus fast, you could save even more by sharing the cost of storage space.

Get in touch today to find out more – and remember to tell us you’re a student for your student storage discount!

*Selected units and subject to availability. Valid for currently enrolled university students only.

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