5 Overlooked storage ideas

Sometimes the home is too small, sometimes it’s the amount of people in the home increasing – babies tend to have that effect – but we always seem to need that extra space for storage. It’s amazing how quickly cupboards and wardrobes can go from ordered to overflowing!

The solution to these sorts of storage woes can often be overlooked. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can make the most of your available space.


Look up. There’s often unused space higher in a room, particular laundries and lounge rooms. Installing extra cupboards or shelving that extends to the ceiling can be useful for storing items that don’t get used that often. A floor to ceiling bookshelf in a lounge area can also look pretty great.


Kick-boards in the kitchen can also be converted into drawers, which maximises the effectiveness of the cabinetry and helps de-clutter the area overall. Under the sink is another area in the kitchen that often can be an underused wasteland of ‘stuff’ – installing extra shelves or baskets can help make more sense of what can otherwise be a dumping ground.


Make the most of front or rear entranceways by creating a ‘mud room’ style set up, using hooks, baskets and shoe racks. This can be a handy space for outerwear, especially in the winter months.


When shopping for a new piece for your place, make sure it can do more than one thing. Beds, coffee tables, lounge suites and more can all be bought with built in storage. You’ll save a lot hassle by taking the time to select furniture that can also work for you.


If you do have the luxury of a closet or storage area located under stairs, think about its best possible use. Don’t simply cram in miscellaneous items; this space could potentially be converted into something as useful as a ‘mini study’ or workstation.

All in all, when it comes to solving storage problems you might be surprised to find that the answer is often right in front of you – or in this case, above and below you – and doesn’t require any drastic changes to the way you’re living.

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