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How to start a wine collection

As your palate and tastes mature towards their prime, it’s likely that you want your wine to do so as well – and rightly so. There’s nothing worse than a great wine not living it’s up to its full potential because it hasn’t been appropriately cared for. Well, nothing worse, of course, than bad wine altogether. With your palette refined and your ability to distinguish a beautiful glass of red from a budget pretender, this is the perfect time in your life to start a wine collection.

You likely have a few wineries, vineyards and labels that you’ve developed a tasteful fondness for, so you’ll probably start by picking up a few of those. Your local wine shop will offer guidance to help you branch out and before you know it, you’ll have a proud assembly of bottles to call your own. However, you’ll fast discover that you don’t have the space in your home to house all the bottles and certainly don’t have the conditions.

Along your voyage to becoming a wine connoisseur, the importance of the environment that encapsulates your beloved wine bottles will dawn on you. The quality of wine can be affected by temperature, light, humidity and movement. It’s no coincidence that wine cellars are immune to any fluctuations of the aforementioned conditions. So, it’s time to get the builders round and start digging, right? Wrong.

Why put yourself through the trouble and cost of creating your own wine cellar when you could just store your collection at Wilson Storage? We have dedicated Wilson Cellars that are specially designed to accommodate a variety of wine types in their optimum condition.

Like all of our Wilson Storage facilities, Wilson Cellars are under constant security and surveillance, so rest assured your wine will be maturing safely and securely. Of course, as the owner of the collection, you can access your wine 24/7. So when the opportune moment arises to break out a bottle of your finest, it will be right there waiting for you.

You can use Wilson Cellars to store any number of wine bottles, whether it’s 12 bottles or 12,000 – so it’s never too soon to start taking proper care of your collection.

And when you store your wine at Wilson Storage, you’ll get exclusive wine discounts and invitations to premium wine-tasting events.

Whether you’re a budding sommelier or a seasoned wine collector, the time is ripe to get in touch with Wilson Cellars. Contact us now to find out more.

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