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Wilson Storage customers score AFL tickets

Who’s up for a game of footy? At Wilson storage, we’re all about supporting our loyal customers and the local community. That’s why we’re giving away AFL Medallion Club tickets absolutely FREE!

We’re giving away tickets to lucky customers each round of AFL football played at Marvel Stadium. All customers have to do is respond to an email sent by their local Wilson Storage Manager.

All entrants then go into a draw and the winners will be selected at random. The tickets include a car park pass, seat service and TV monitor – what a great chance to experience the football in style!

Says Jon Larkin, Wilson Storage CEO, “Wilson Storage was one of the original members of the Medallion Club from its inception. We have had tremendously kind comments from all of our customers regarding this initiative, so I want to say thank you and good luck to everyone who enters.”

Keep your eyes open for the next ticket offer from your local manager – they’re shared amongst different locations each time so everyone gets a chance – and if you want to be in it to win it, become a Wilson Storage customer today!

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