If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring!

Summary of policy

– Theft limit $25,000 per unit.
– Accidental Damage $10,000 per unit.
– Excess $500 each and every claim except Earthquake Damage 1% of sum insured.
– Cover either commercial or residential clients.
– Payable monthly.
– No part month refunds (Full months are refundable).
– Can insure for more than $50,000, please discuss with us if this is necessary.
– Underwriter: Midland Insurance Brokers Australia.
– There is no cover for goods which are not stored in a locked self storage unit.


Fire, lightning, impact, explosion, earthquake, aircraft, riots and strikes, malicious damage, storm and tempest and/or water, burglary which shall mean theft resulting from forcible entry to the unit and/or premises and Accidental Damaged whilst in storage (excluding whilst loading and/unloading from the unit).

Please note that this policy does not cover flooding.

Motor Vehicles

Whilst the policy specifically excludes motor vehicles, motor cycles, boats, caravans, etc, we are able to insure such items provided the sum insured does not exceed $10,000 and the vehicle must be noted in the description of goods.

All such items must be either demobilised or chained and a locking device must be fitted to any trailers. These items can only be insured whilst in a locked unit.

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