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mr wine & jungle has been in the making for a long time. An awamori lover from way back, I found it almost impossible to find awamori in Australia, let alone a selection of it! I have been in the liquor industry for a long time and knew that it was time for something new.....and exciting. On a trip back to Okinawa, I decided to visit the distilleries who produce the awamori I love to drink, hoping they might be interested in this small importing venture I was thinking about starting. Knowing that many of these distilleries had never exported their awamori overseas, I had quite the job ahead of me.....lots of talking and plenty of tasting later (a bit of pleading also), I was well on the way of becoming the first awamori importer in Australia! And so that's the story so far... I hope you take pleasure in this selection of awamori as much as I do! ENJOY!




Matsufuji 600ml

Distillery: Sakiyama Shuzo Sho ABV: 30% Nose: Opening with mint, green apple skin with slight hints of aniseed. Palate: Mellow and delicate with a dry finish. Matsufuji comes to us from Sakiyama distillery which has been in its current location of Kin-Cho for over 110 years. Kin-Cho is located at the base of...