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10 tips from our storage experts

Having assisted thousands of customers with their storage needs over the years, it’s no surprise we’ve been asked just about everything you can imagine about storage.

We asked some members of our super-helpful storage experts for their own personal top storage tips… so you can store like a pro!


  • Think about what you may want to access whilst in storage. Make sure items that you may wish to access are closest to the door.
  • When storing you can stack things higher than you would at home. This will reduce the amount of floor space you may need.


  • Never lay wrapped plates horizontal – wrap then stand vertical on a layer of scrunched paper. There’s less likelihood of breakage this way!
  • To save money when packing clothing, rather than hanging clothes in a port-a-robe, leave on hangers and lay in alternate layers of half a dozen to left and right in a Flat Pack Box.


  • Cover your goods while in storage. Whilst our facilities are pristine, cleaned and maintained to the highest standard very regularly we cannot clean inside your unit – covering your goods affords extra protection over time.
  • If you don’t need to access your space regularly consider asking for an upstairs storage unit. You get the same security, the same 24/7 access and we have large goods lifts to take your goods upstairs for you, but without the ground floor premium on price.


  • When thinking about what size you may need for residential goods – think of the size of your top 5 items and build around that.
  • Always leave fridges and freezers defrosted and doors open partially so they don’t smell when you pull them out again.


  • Label boxes carefully so you know where your precious items are. Take photos before taping up boxes so you have an inventory and know where to find items if needed in a hurry.
  • Commercial customers need to consider how often access is required, and whether space is required to move around go for a larger unit. Consider if shelving will assist in organising goods.

Have your own curious question about storage? Get in touch with us today.

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