5 reasons to use Wilson Storage move-in vans

You found out you’re moving house months ago and you’ve been collecting boxes and squirreled them away in the garage. The time has come to assemble them and pack your belongings. You tape down the last box and you’re about to take them out to your car… but wait. After you’ve gone through this painstaking process, are you really going to play Tetris with all your prized possessions? Here are five reasons why you should hire a move-in van from Wilson Storage.


1. Time
No matter how good you are at fitting boxes in your car, there will always be too many. This means multiple trips, which equals more petrol and a massive waste of time. Our move-in vans come with free petrol and are big enough to fit everything, saving you on time and money.

2. No physio
Packing boxes in a regular car used for driving from A to B can be a painful endeavour. The next day you wake up full of aches and pains in your back, arms, and legs from twisting and turning to fit boxes into the nooks and crannies in your car. People can often harm their backs, sometimes severely enough to need a physio, when moving house. With our vans, you can safely maneuver boxes because we have accommodated explicitly for standing room.

3. Car health
Cars suffer when we move. We try to fit as much as possible in them, the upholstery gets torn or marked, and the engine starts to emit an unhealthy whine as it strains uphill with a room’s worth of bulky possessions weighing it down. On top of that, often drivers can’t see in their rearview mirror because the backseat will be loaded to the roof with boxes. You don’t have to worry about damaging our vans because they are reinforced and specially designed with these challenges in mind.

4. Environment
There’s no denying that making multiple trips to move all your boxes adds to your carbon footprint. Get a van and make it there and back in one trip, and protect the environment.

5. Belongings
Ever been driving the car and heard the heart-sinking crash of a box tumbling off the stack in the back seat? You cross your fingers and hope that it wasn’t the box with the crystal wine glasses in it. When you use our move-in vans, you will be able to secure your boxes to ensure they don’t slip and slide on the journey the next destination.


Wilson Storage provides a fleet of modern move-in vans for everyone, even people who don’t store with us, to hire. The fuel is free, the vans have automatic transmissions and include doors on three sides so they are accessible even in narrows streets with restricted access. Speak to your move-in van experts at location convenient to you.

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