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It may seem like this Melbourne summer is going to last forever, but trust us, it won’t. Before you know it, you’ll be faced with the annual onslaught of trams full of duffle-coated commuters, and a mess of summer stuff cluttering up your home. The first problem we can’t help with. But when it comes to preparing your home for a clean and cosy winter, we’re experts.

You may not realise just how many of your belongings are seasonal, but once you begin to tally up how many times you actually used any pieces from your swimsuit collection last winter, or your extensive range of BBQ tools for that matter, it will begin to hit home.

While your prized possessions gather dust in the cupboards, garage, or worse, on the floor, they are in fact taking up valuable space, making your home feel cluttered, messy and simply not chic. But there is another way – it’s called Wilson Storage. Our rentable storage units are perfect for this type of storing, with flexible contracts, 24/7 access, and competitive rates providing great value for money.

The best thing to do for your home (and your sanity) is to pinpoint which of your belongings are strictly seasonal, and set them aside for storage. You’ll soon discover that you don’t have any trouble gathering a sizeable collection of belongings that were in constant use all summer, but that definitely won’t be making an appearance until next spring. There’s simply no point having these types of things decorating your home with disaster.

In order to truly declutter your home and achieve that cosy indoor vibe this winter, you might need to push yourself a little further and put things into storage that you might use in the colder months. The wonderful thing about Wilson Storage is that you can access those belongings whenever you want, so there’s no such thing as regret! If you suddenly decide a mid-August trip to Bali is on the cards, your bathers will be ready and waiting.

To find out more about storing your seasonal belonging with Wilson Storage, head to our Contact Us page.

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