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Not Hitting the Road? A Guide to Putting Your Caravan Into Storage

Caravanning is the ultimate way to travel and explore the great expanses of Australia. Unfortunately, the long adventure can’t last forever. When it comes to storing a caravan, they’re a bit too big and cumbersome just to leave out in the open. We’ve seen a few unloved and rusted caravans in our time. If you’re not hitting the road for a while, here are some practical and creative ideas for storing your caravan:

Caravan Storage Facilities

Vehicle and Boat Storage at a Wilson Storage facility

One of the most popular ways to store a caravan is by using a dedicated storage facility. Facilities like Wilson’s Storage offer a safe and secure place to keep your caravan safe with their Caravan Storage Solutions service. We keep it extra safe with additional security features like CCTV, gated access, and alarms.

Undercover Caravan Storage

Another way to store your caravan is by using a bespoke undercover storage solution. These can range from purpose-built storage shelters to retractable covers that can be installed on your driveway. If in this isn’t possible, Wilson Storage also offers undercover caravan storage An undercover storage solution can help protect your caravan from the elements, preventing rust and corrosion caused by exposure to moisture.

Garage Caravan Storage

If you’ve got this amount of space, you’re one of the lucky ones. Using a caravan can be an excellent option for storing your caravan. You can keep your caravan out of the elements and protect it from weather damage. However, you should ensure that your garage is big enough to accommodate it and that the structure can support its weight. We’d never recommend just leaving out in the front yard to be forgotten about.

Finding the right storage solution for your caravan is essential to ensure its safety and security. Whether you choose a dedicated storage facility, garage storage or undercover storage, caravans need to be cared for. Proper storage will make sure they’re good to go for your next adventure.

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