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Why choose professional wine storage?

Love your wine? If you are building a collection, you know how important it is to store it in ideal conditions.

But if you don’t have an actual cellar (and not many of us do), storing wine at home can be a problem. Whilst there are small wine coolers available for the home, once your collection reaches a certain volume, the cost of storing it in your own home becomes prohibitive.

Here are our top five reasons for using an off-site, climate-controlled wine storage facility like Wilson Storage.

1. Cost
Installing and maintaining a wine cellar in your own home can soon become an expensive project. Once you move beyond a simple kitchen wine cooler you may end up spending as much on the appliances as you do on the wine. If you compare these costs to those of renting a storage unit, even for just a few cases, you may see the benefit. In addition, you may find it difficult to fully insure a substantial wine collection if it is kept in your home. Storing in a secure facility makes insurance a whole lot easier.

2. Security
A large wine collection can become incredibly valuable. With some collectors choosing special aged vintages, the dollar value can reach a point where security is a real issue. Self-storage facilities like ours are protected 24/7 by multiple layers of security including cameras, guards and locked doors, so you know those prized pinots and magnificent merlots will be safe and sound as they age.

3. Space
It’s not just the spare couch or kids bikes that get in the way now and then – a wine collection can also be difficult to fit into a busy home. Storing your wine collection in a purpose-built wine facility like Wilson Storage means you don’t have take up precious space. It also means you’re less likely to be moving it around unnecessarily — see our final point below.

4. Convenience
With easy access whenever you feel like indulging or inviting friends over, professional wine storage makes grabbing a bottle or two simple. Facilities like ours are also clear and pleasant environments to be in, so if your actual cellar is dark, damp or guarded by a huntsman or two, you may prefer to go the professional route!

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5. Conditions
Wine can be a delicate thing. If you have wine stored in your home there are a number of ways in which you may already be treating it badly. Of course, the critical element is temperature. But wine can also be affected by exposure to light and humidity fluctuation as well as too much disturbance. If you find yourself rearranging your collection every time you add to it, you might want to consider the damage you’re doing to it. Needless to say, drop your latest boxed dozen off at your convenient climate-controlled Wilson Storage wine unit and it’ll do nothing but grow better with age.

Contact Wilson Storage today on 1300 28 68 28 for a chat about your wine storage needs — wine units start from just a single case.

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