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How to clear your mind by decluttering your home

Having a messy, unorganised home can be the result of a few time-poor weeks, or years and years of household negligence. Whether it’s new mess or old mess, it’s likely to be affecting not just your living space but also your mental space. So, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for decluttering your home, putting belongings into storage and freeing up your mind.


Address the mess

Tackling the haphazard condition of your home can be a daunting task but putting it off will simply leave you feeling unhappy in the area you spend most of your day in. The sense of lack of control can fast become a recipe for distraction, constantly occupying a percentage of your subconscious thought processes and affecting your overall productivity.

For many, the issue is that their home simply has too much stuff in it for it to possibly look neat and tidy. By putting some of it into a Wilson Storage unit, you can clear your home without throwing away things you still want to keep.


Find gold among the rubble

When sifting through your piles of treasured belongings, you’ll quickly notice that many of them are not everyday items or even things you have touched in the last year. Many things that fall into this category can be discarded but among the rubble, there’s sure to be some valuable or sentimental gold – ideal candidates for going into storage.

For example, you might be hoarding a growing collection of your children’s adorable school work, a build-up of important documents, a whole wardrobe’s worth of designer clothes you never wear, art that simply doesn’t go in your current home and the yoga mat which, let’s be honest, you’ve never used – but definitely will one day, of course.


Give Wilson Storage a call

Once you’ve gathered these chosen belongings, get Wilson Storage on the line for our free collection service. In their new home, a nearby Wilson Storage facility, your prized possessions will be safe, secure and accessible 24/7.

Take our advice and you’ll soon be enjoying freed up storage space, beautifully organised display cases and the bottom of your wardrobe which can now fulfil its true purpose – to showcase your shoe collection. Embrace once again your home’s aesthetic equilibrium, a buoy for productivity, success and your all-important mental balance.

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Get in touch today and let Wilson Storage carry the burden of too many belongings for you.

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