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The Hidden Benefits of Climate Controlled Wine Storage

If you love wine as much as we do, you’ll appreciate how important proper storage is. For any wine collector, the day a beautiful bottle of red turns brown or tastes like paint thinner, is a sad day indeed. Did you know that private, climate-controlled wine storage facilities are available in Melbourne?

Graceful Ageing

Many would argue that, as with all good things in life, wine does tend to get better with age. Even if the jury is still out on the youth vs. maturity debate in your household, you’re no doubt convinced that there are certain things that are essential for the aging process to flow smoothly.

Wine is truly one of the most beautiful indulgences one can have and to waste it would be like destroying a work of art. Your perfectly curated collection of wine may keep well over the course of many decades or hit rock bottom after just one; and it all depends on how well you store your wine.

If you are not taking the effort of storing your wine properly, you could be throwing away the opportunity to enjoy something beautiful… Not to mention your investment.

Caring Deep Down

There is a reason why people used to keep their wine in caves and cellars – they provide specific atmospheric conditions that help to preserve the wine.

Here’s the guide for storing wine:

1. It needs to stay away from direct sunlight

2. The ideal temperature for storing wine is around 14 degrees Celsius

3. Humidity should not be allowed to go beyond 65%

4. Only small temperature variations should be a allowed

With no doubt, a climate-controlled environment is the best place where you can store your wine. However, setting up a cellar of your own at your home is a costly business. If you do not have a basement, what will you do?

Why not Hire a Wine Storage Cellar?

If you are worried about exposing your precious wine to climate swings, you don’t need to start making space for an expensive cellar at home. Professional cellar masters like Wilson Storage offers the ultimate wine storage solutions at extremely reasonable costs.

When you visit our sites, you’ll find climate controlled storage facilities that would suit your growing wine collections – whether you have a few bottles or few hundreds. Our state of the art system maintains the right temperature and humidity for your wine at all times. With extensive security system in place, your wine collection is also monitored 24/7, so you know for sure that when you leave your wine at Wilson Storage, they’ll be kept safe and are always ready for you to pick it up when you need it!

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