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DIY Storage Tips

Most of us have things lying around the house that would complement existing storage. You’d be surprised how handy jars, boxes, or even wine crates could be! The trick is being able to turn these everyday things into useful storage. Granted the suggestion of making anything probably sounds arduous and who’s got that spare time?! But it is easier than you imagine.

Before you start breaking up those shelves though have a think about where you’d like to start. Assess your space – figure out what you have to work with; work out what you want to put away and what you want to have on show. Then dig out the tape measure and ensure you have the measure of your space before you start crafting your own storage!

Here are some quick and easy tips to help you get started.

In the kitchen
• Use a pegboard and pegs in a cabinet to secure stacks of bowls, plates or that endless set of Tupperware.
• Mount foil and plastic cling wrap inside your pantry door using self-adhesive plastic hooks.

In the bathroom
• Is your medicine cabinet overflowing with old, near-empty bottles of past prescriptions and creams? Find and install a stacked spice rack in your cabinet to categorise and tidy away that medication.

• In that same medicine cabinet, use clear small jars to store cotton balls and tips. Not only will they be easier to get to, but also doing away with all that packaging will help clear up some much needed space.

• Give your bathroom character by using baskets instead of shelves for towels. Just nail the baskets on the wall, roll up and stack your towels in the baskets.

In your bedroom: Is your wardrobe full to the brim with clothes and has very little space for your shoes? An easy trick to resolve this is to repurpose old wine crates and fill them with your shoes. Stack the crates in a corner of your room to also give it character.

In the office: Why not make a feature wall by turning your cable into wall art? You could create an outline of a famous building using the cable – that’s if you’re feeling creative! However if that sounds a bit out there, place your cables and cords in a cardboard box, cut out two canals on either side and hide the cables inside. It’s better than having them all tangled up under your desk.

On the veranda: Suspending mason jars upside down to cover light bulbs is a great way to bring a vintage look to this relaxing area of your home.

The great thing about creating your own storage is that you can’t go wrong. Don’t be afraid to be creative – if one idea doesn’t work, try something else!

*For some more handy tips, get in touch with the expert team at Wilson Storage.

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