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Fancy up your storage

How many of us ever think storage can be fancy? The word itself ‘storage’ isn’t particularly exciting. It’s just storage right? Best tucked away and forgotten about? Well not quite. You’d be surprised how functional and creative your storage can be while adding a certain flair to your home.

There are many ways fancy storage can liven up your home. Take the kitchen for example. Using glass jars of varying sizes to store pasta shells or preserved condiments is a lovely way of adding character to your kitchen, particularly if they’re of the rustic vintage kind. Or if that doesn’t take your ‘fancy’, how about investing in a decorative glass spice rack to display on your counter? The colours alone will be a great culinary mood board for that dinner party! Bear in mind where you place all this glass storage though. Keep it out of reach of little fingers not only for their safety but also because no one likes fingerprints on glass!

In your bathroom, use stacking shelves to organise your products, but also interspace them with small pot plants to add a natural touch to your bathroom, making it more inviting.

And just when you thought storage boxes had fizzled out into oblivion they’re having a nice comeback. You can get some fairly fancy ones to boot! In your children’s room, decorating a corner or a whole wall with fancy storage boxes provides plenty of places to stash toys. And if the boxes are in the same colour and shape, they’ll give the room a neat and organised look. Well, that is until the little ones dive into them! If your bedroom, is on the smaller side, turn a storage box on its side and use it as a nightstand.

Add character to your living room by storing your magazines and newspapers in a vintage market crate. There may be a spare one or two at local market that you could pinch.

Whichever way you tackle storage, investing in the fancy and functional variety can only add to the fabric of your home life with all its joys and imperfections.

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