Get your caravan ready for storage

Taking good care of your caravan or campervan is essential to ensure it’s ready for your next adventure – even during the colder months when you’re not using it.

At Wilson Storage, we have the space to keep yours safe and protected over winter. And if you follow our tips, your caravan or campervan will be in just as perfect condition when you take it out of storage as when you put it in.

Clean inside and out

Start by wiping down all surfaces with a disinfectant spray. Empty out the fridge and give it a thorough wipe to remove all food traces – the last thing you want is rotten food sitting in there over winter. Leave the fridge door open so musty smells don’t build up.

Empty all food and perishables from storage cupboards and leave them open for air to circulate – close all windows excepting one small window if possible, leaving it slightly ajar for airflow.

It’s also a good idea to oil all door and cupboard hinges so they don’t seize up.

With the inside clean and tidy it’s time to clean the outside of your caravan. Give it a thorough wash from top to bottom, apply a new wax coating and you’re good to go.

Gas bottles

Turn off all gas bottles and ensure gas lines are empty, then reconnect all lines securely to ensure insects don’t crawl inside during storage.

Water sources

Drain all water from storage bottles, and check your caravan’s manual for instructions on draining all pumps and hot water systems. Thoroughly clean the toilet and empty the toilet cartridge to ensure your first trip in the Spring is a fresh one!

Electrical connections

Having safely parked your caravan at your chosen storage location it’s time to disconnect the batteries. Not only will this reduce the risk of any electrical faults causing fires, but it will also prolong the life of your battery.

In addition, disconnect your onboard electrical appliances, and ensure electrical connections are cleaned and dry.

Finally, take care of any small maintenance issues and you’re ready for storage. For complete peace of mind, book your spot at Wilson Storage today. Get a Quote or Call Us now.

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