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Get Your Closet In Order

Is your closet overflowing? Are your hangers overloaded? If any of that sounds familiar then here are some tips to help overhaul and organise your closet.

Colour co-ordinate

Colour co-ordinate your clothes to help you easily sort through and access your garments. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, purchase colourful hangers, and cluster your garments using different colour hangers.

Sort and categorise your garments

If colour co-ordinating isn’t your thing, then try categorising your clothes by season. Winter is full of sweaters and comfy clothes. Classify them according to their colour or shade and put them in drawers.

You can also categorise your clothes by type – hang all your dresses together, shirts together, and so on. That way they’ll be easier to pick out in the shuffle of hangers and get you out of the door quicker!

Consider donating

Remove the clutter by donating some of your garments. If you can’t figure out which item to give away and which to keep, then try this easy trick. Start with all your hangers facing in the same direction. After you’ve worn an item of clothing, place it back on the hanger but turn the hanger to face the other way. If after a few weeks or months, you notice that some of the hangers haven’t been turned then consider donating the garments.

Use your floor space

Group your short-hanging pieces on one end of the closet and your longer hanging clothes at the end other. That way you won’t have to fight your way through your clothes to get to your shoes and it’ll create plenty of floor space to fit a stacking shoe rack.

Vacuum bags

Bulky overcoats can have the size sucked out of them by using a handy vacuum bag system. Store and hang your larger pieces of clothing without taking up too much space. Wilson storage can help you with sales and advice when it comes to embracing vacuum bags.

Whichever tip you try, you’ll certainly feel lighter for having organised your closet.

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