Grow your business in 2018 with Wilson Storage

New Year’s resolution for 2018 – grow my business.

Did your January 1st sound something like that? If so, we like your thinking, and we believe we might be able to help. In fact, we have a whole range of solutions to help streamline, improve and expand your business operations to help make 2018 your most successful year yet.


Your inventory storage unit

The fact that one of our business solutions is storage will come as no shock – it’s in the name. But the benefits that come with storing your inventory with us might just surprise you.

Besides offering the obvious relief of not having to tiptoe around (or fall over) your stock in your office or home, Wilson Storage has all the right equipment to make light work of heavy lifting. And did you know that you get cheaper insurance deals when your stock is professionally stored and protected?


Your post box

Never again will you have to spend time organising stock re-deliveries because you weren’t available the first time. Why? Because it will be delivered straight to your nominated Wilson Storage facility, where it will be received by one of our trusty staff members and deposited safely into your unit. And just to make your life even easier, we can even dispatch items on your behalf.


Your stationary shop

Making the tiresome trip to the stationary shop is another chore you can cross off the list. We have all of the boxes and packaging materials you need right here in our Wilson Storage facilities.


Your filing cabinet

Many of our business clients don’t run e-commerce companies or have stock that needs storing at all. But they do have documents – and lots of them. If, like them, you feel like the paperwork is piling up around you, and you need a safe and secure place to store your all-important documents, having an out-of-sight filing cabinet at Wilson Storage could be the perfect solution.


Your broom cupboard

Our units are there to be used to serve your business in any way you see fit. If you have some miscellaneous items clogging up space – office furniture, unused tech, stationary – it might be time to find a new temporary home for them. We’re okay with you using us as your company broom cupboard if it’s going to propel the productivity of your business!


To find out more about how our business solutions could bring you success in 2018, click here – or simply get in touch now.  

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