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Home Office Storage Ideas: Optimising Your Space

When you’re working from home, you want your workspace to be clutter-free and tidy to ensure optimum productivity levels throughout your week. Choosing the right home office storage solutions for your space, whether big or small, can make a huge difference towards how effectively you work from home.

Invest in storage containers

For your home office setup, it’s key to consider the most strategic way to organise your belongings to help you stay focused during your workday. There are a variety of different sized storage containers you can purchase, from keeping your stationary all in one easily accessible place to keeping papers and documents filed correctly. You can even label them to enable more effective separation of your items.

Install home office shelves

Shelves are one of the best vertical storage solutions for your work from home set up. Not only are they elevated from the ground, freeing up space for other furniture in the room, they can add dimension and personality to your space. Floating shelves in particular are a functional wall-based storage solution, but also add an aesthetic quality to your home working space.

Home office desks with storage

These days, desks needn’t be as simple as providing a surface for your laptop, keyboard or monitor screen. You can now find desk options that offer built-in storage to eliminate clutter and keep your workspace organised to allow for efficient productivity. 

Depending on the amount of space you have, there are various desk types to fit your workspace; from freestanding desks, to built-in, to two desks facing one another, or even a standing desk. Each offers different uses for your space and depends largely on the size of your home office.

Utilise nooks in your home

Sometimes, it is only when we look at the free space that we are not utilising that we discover the perfect opportunity to use it most effectively and in differing ways. This can be achieved by constructing cupboards on either side with a desk that fits within the middle, turning an unused space into a snug workspace.

You may even have a cabinet that you can upcycle into the perfect home office desk setup with a sliding keyboard area and inbuilt storage in the form of shelving. The best part? It can be shut away and looks just like a normal cabinet when not in use.

Store your belongings in a self-storage space

A great solution for many is to source an external storage solution to free up space in your home for your new office setup. Perhaps you just want to store a few items that you may need to access every now and then, or perhaps you even need a dedicated space to operate your business. There are a range of business storage facilities all offering varying degrees of assistance for the day-to-day of your remote working setup.

Storing your belongings in a storage facility is a smart way to free up space whilst working from home, creating a clear and efficient area for you to reach peak productivity levels.
At Wilson Storage, a range of our locations offer BusinessPlus solutions, from simple storage through to help with the operative processes of your business.

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