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How to declutter your home

If you promised yourself a new year, new start around the home, you should write decluttering at the top of your list.

Aside from being a more pleasant place to live and work, creating a home that surrounds you with less ‘stuff’ will also help to give you a more clear sense of control over your life – and who doesn’t need that!

Follow our simple tips and you’ll regain the space you need.


Believed by many of us to be the heart of the home, the kitchen can often become the centre of the household’s whirlwind of clutter.

One simple rule will help keep this under control – anything that isn’t kitchen-related shouldn’t be in the kitchen. If you can’t help but deposit everything on your person onto your kitchen bench the second you come home, create a dedicated drop zone to keep everything together and start a habit of sorting through things like mail on a regular basis so things don’t pile up.

Having a good clear out of your cupboards and pantry ensures there’s nothing left lying around well past its best-before date. The easiest way is to empty out your entire pantry and only put back the things that are still usable.

Quick trick:
Treating yourself to a new set of containers not only ensures everything goes back more neatly than it came out but also keeps things fresher for longer.


The quickest and simplest way to make any space appear cleaner and tidier is to clear any flat surfaces. Tables, cabinets, media units – the less you have piled up on them, the less cluttered your living space will feel.

This is an ongoing process you need to maintain. Once you’re finished with something, put it away!

Quick trick:
Small items you need regularly – keys, chargers and so on – should have their own place such as a stylish tray to keep everything tidy.


The main clutter culprit in your bathroom will likely be medications and toiletries. Containers, bottles, lotions and potions that are well past their use-by date should be ditched, clearing space in your cabinets to ensure there’s no storage overflow onto your vanity and other surfaces.

It might also be time to throw out old sets of towels – launder them and your local veterinary clinic will gladly take them off your hands for use as bedding.

Quick trick:
If you have kids, you might find your bathroom is strewn with bath toys. Give them their own tub or container with their name on to help them learn how to be tidy (fingers crossed!).


Most of us know the old trick to reducing the amount of clothing in your closet – if you haven’t worn it in over a year, throw it out. But let’s be generous and make it two years…

Go through your entire closet separating out anything you haven’t worn in a couple of years. You can either head to eBay with your goodies or donate to charity.

Quick trick:
Vacuum bags are a great way to store seasonal items until you need them. They fit easily under the bed and keep your clothes free from dust.

Having followed these tips you may still find you need more space without throwing anything away. Self Storage is the answer. Our self storage units are available in a range of sizes across Melbourne and Sydney, and all for as long or as little time as you need them.

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