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How To Pack Fragile Items For Storage

There’s nothing more frustrating than happily unpacking your storage boxes only to discover a fragile item has become damaged in the process. It might seem simple to pack your fragile items in a safe and secure way, but in the whirlwind of packing your possessions amid a house move, renovation or decluttering mission, sometimes these careful details are overlooked. With a bit of extra effort and care, you can ensure your breakables survive the packing process and make it out the other side in one piece.

Use high-quality moving boxes and packaging supplies

The first port of call for safely storing your fragile items is ensuring that you utilise high-quality moving boxes and packaging materials that will effectively support your breakables, from initial packing through to transport and unpacking. A flimsy box is your worst enemy in this situation, so ensure you don’t skimp in this area.

Wilson Storage offers an array of packaging and moving boxes for fragile items in their online box shop. Specifically for items susceptible to breaking, you can purchase the tailored Crystal Box that features a twin cushion high-grade cardboard that ensures your precious items including crockery, crystal, porcelain or glass stay in immaculate condition. All packing supplies, including bubble wrap, packing tape, packing knife and various box types and sizes can be purchased online or collected from your nearest Wilson Storage location.

Perfectly layered packaging

When commencing your packing process, you’ll want to ensure your packing technique factors in light and heavy items, as well as plenty of packaging layers to make sure your fragile items are well cushioned. It goes without saying that your heavier items should be placed at the bottom of your box with any small and particularly delicate items placed towards the top. Any spaces in between layers should be filled with packaging paper or bubble wrap to ensure extra protection and to avoid items knocking into one another whilst in transit.

Secure the base of the box

A solid foundation is the key to keeping your breakables in tip-top shape. Ensure the bottom of your packing box is as secure and stable as possible. This could be achieved by lining the bottom with packing paper or bubble wrap, as well as taping the bottom of the box. The last thing you’d want to happen is for all your items to be perfectly packaged only for them to fall out of the bottom when transporting the box.


Labelling your boxes that contain your fragile items is a great way to ensure that anyone handling your boxes, whether you, a family member or a professional moving service, knows that the contents within are fragile and prone to breakage. You could even add an arrow to indicate which way up the box should be handled so you don’t risk any unnecessary damage.

Wrap each item individually

Fragile items long for padding and cushioning—they don’t ask for much really! Avoid wrapping multiple breakable items together, as this will only increase the likelihood of scratches, chips and breakages.

For glassware, it’s recommended to fill the hollow middle of them with newspaper or bubble wrap, then roll a couple of layers of bubble wrap around the outside, making sure you tape in any edges to avoid the item coming loose. Any other loose delicate pieces or lids for these items should be wrapped individually.

Hire a moving van

Now you know how to pack your fragile items for moving, you’ll want to think about how you’re going to move them to your desired location. If you’re moving them into a self-storage facility, there are a range of services available that can help you to get them from a to b. At Wilson Storage, you can hire vehicles at a great rate—a convenient solution to transport your breakables safely and efficiently to their new home.

Consider a climate-controlled storage unit

Many fragile items are prone to temperature fluctuations causing them to degrade and deteriorate in weather that is either too hot or too cold. You may want to consider storing these items in a climate-controlled storage unit to avoid these problems arising.

Tips for specific items

Fragile items can cover a broad range of categories, from the more common glassware and fine china items to artwork, jewellery or antiques, there are specific considerations for these items you’ll want to factor into your storage process.

Art storage

Proper art storage is essential for long-term preservation. Temperature fluctuations can affect the paint and cause it to chip or warp and produce mould—you need to maintain the perfect balance between dry and damp. Climate-controlled storage is perfect for this.

Document storage

Whether personal or business related, effective document storage ensures the preservation of sensitive paper documents. Consider placing them in a lidded filing box with each document inside a plastic sleeve. Paper files can be easily damaged by extreme temperatures—the climate-controlled units at Wilson Storage provide a great solution to keeping your documents safe and secure, as well as being accessible to you 24/7.

Electronics storage

The most important consideration when it comes to storing your electronics is preparation. Clean your electronics, disassemble and remove batteries, pack them into their original packaging or wrap them in bubble wrap. Consider a self storage facility that will enable you to keep your electronics safe and secure, as well as within an environment that is dry.

From packaging choices through to self-storage facility options, when it comes to how to pack fragile items for moving, there are a few things to consider to maintain their integrity and condition. Consider our tips for specific items and choose a self-storage facility to keep your breakables and fragile items in the best condition possible.

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