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How to store wine the right way

Wine connoisseurs will know and understand that cellaring wine is not as simple as putting a new bottle of fine red wine in the wine rack in your kitchen. To successfully cellar wine, and bring out the best qualities in the bottle, there are a few things you should do.

Store your wine in a dark place

UV light causes degradation of otherwise stable organic compounds in wine. These compounds contribute to the structure of the wine, as well as the flavour and aroma, so it’s important to store your bottles away from UV light — preferably in a dark place.

Control the climate

Humidity is also an issue because most wine (especially red wine) is bottled with a cork seal. The amount of gaseous water in the air can exacerbate the rate of evaporation of wine from the bottle if the cork is defective. The ideal temperature setting for wine storage is between 11°C and 15°C with a relative maximum humidity of 75%.

Store your wine on its side

Corked bottles should be stored on their sides so that the cork remains wet. This stops air from entering the bottle and oxidising the wine — leading to a loss of flavour and aroma. However, bottles sealed with screw tops can be stored upright.


Every harvest of wine has a different amount of time it should be stored for, in order to reach its maximum flavour. The 2015 Shiraz from Scotchmans Hill, for instance, should be stored for 9-12 years before it reaches its ultimate flavour profile. You may think ‘I’ll remember that’ but we can guarantee you when 2027 rolls around, you’ll forget to pull out the Shiraz.

Many people let the wine go well past the proper cellaring date, at which point it can start to oxidise and lose flavour. This is why labelling your bottle is vital. Get a piece of white masking tape and note down the year to pull it out of the cellar and stick it on the neck of the bottle above the label.

At Wilson Storage, we understand the importance of storing your wine correctly, which is why we have custom-built wine storage that meets these exact specifications.

Our wine cellars are maintained at 15 and 65% humidity — and they are constantly monitored. On top of this, you can access your wine 24/7 using a pass card individually signed to your unit.

Secure yourself a year’s worth of brilliant wine by storing your collection with us. Call us to get a quote or find out more.

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