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The Ultimate Australian Guide to Long Term Storage

If it’s valuable, you’ll have it for a long time. Long-term storage enables you to do so. It also you offers a lifeline when you need extra space or want to safeguard those belongings during life’s transitions. It’s a long-term guarantee. What exactly should you store, how do you ensure your items remain in top condition for the long haul, and what are the key benefits? This is our guide to long-term storage and why it’s relevant to you.

Benefits of Long-Term Storage

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Decluttering and Downsizing: 

Free up valuable living space in your home by storing seasonal items, unused furniture, or belongings you’re not ready to part with. Just because you want it, doesn’t mean you need to have it hang around.

Stress-Free Renovations:

Renovating? It’s a messy job. Protect your furniture and valuables from dust and potential damage during home renovations.

Extended Travel:

If you’re a long-term traveller, make sure your belongings stay safe and secure while you explore the world.

Business Inventory Management:

Work smarter and optimise your office or retail space by storing surplus stock, seasonal equipment, or archival material

Peace of Mind:

This is the most valuable part. Knowing your valuable possessions are protected in a secure, climate-controlled environment while you focus on other priorities.

What to Put in Long-Term Storage


Bulky items like sofas, dining tables, beds, and dressers are best suited to long-term storage during downsizing or renovations.


Appliances can be expensive, and very cumbersome to move around. If you’re between homes or have extra appliances, storing large items like fridges, washing machines, and tumble dryers just makes sense.

Seasonal Clothing & Gear

If you’re not going to need them for a few seasons, then store them away for those seasons. Rotate your wardrobe and free up wardrobe space by storing winter coats, ski equipment, or bulky summer gear.

Holiday Decorations:

Keep your festive decorations safe and organised when not in use. Leave it for the next big party.

Collectibles & Sentimental Items: 

They’re just too valuable to get rid of. It doesn’t mean they to need take up space. Protect valuable artwork, family heirlooms, or treasured memorabilia in a secure storage environment.

Preparing Your Possessions for Long-Term Storage

Customer of Wilson Storage, transporting goods on a pallet jack to a roller door secure, indoor storage unit.

Clean & Dry Thoroughly: 

Prevent mould and mildew growth by ensuring everything is clean and completely dry before packing.

Disassemble Furniture: 

Save space and ease handling by taking apart furniture where possible.

Use Quality Packing Materials: 

Invest in sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and protective covers for furniture. We’ve got a comprehensive box shop for this.

Label Clearly: 

Detailed labelling on all sides of boxes helps you find items easily.

Create a Master Inventory List: 

Stay in control with a master inventory list. Keep track of what you’ve stored, its location, and any specific notes for retrieval.

Choosing the Right Long-Term Storage Solution


Prioritise a storage facility like ours with robust security measures like camera surveillance, alarms, and secure units.

Climate Control: 

Essential for sensitive items like electronics, artwork, antiques, and wood furniture to prevent warping and damage from temperature and humidity fluctuations.


Consider how often you’ll need to access your belongings and choose a facility that aligns with your requirements. Wilson Storage offers 7-day access at several sites to make sure you can get what’s yours when you want it.

Why Choose Wilson Storage?

We know long-term storage. We’ve been doing it for that long. As one of Australia’s most highly rated storage providers, with a 4.9 TrustPilot rating, it’s fair to say we’re good authorities on the matter. Looking for long-term storage? Get in touch with us today.

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