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More storage tips from our experts

Our experts had so many great tips for our previous article that we thought we’d share even more.

Whether you’re renovating, moving, or storing for business, read on for more great storage secrets from our experts.


  • Visit the facility prior to move-in if possible. Familiarise yourself with the team who are here to help you, how to enter and exit the premises, facility hours and where your unit is located.
  • Make sure that everything is packed ready to go for the removalists. That will reduce the amount of time that you need them on the day.


  • Towels and sheets can be packed away in large zip bags, whilst large saucepans and casserole dishes can be packed in Tea Chests as the boxes are double-ply thickness and strength.
  • Consider the value of your goods and have a firm time frame in mind. For example, If you are looking to store an older bed and mattress, maybe a couch that is past its best, a coffee table and some odds and ends… that may be OK short term but long term the cost of storage may outweigh the actual value of the goods many times over.
  • It’s best to keep your packaging boxes to a few sizes. This makes stacking a lot more efficient and helps make full use of the space.


  • Make sure you think three-dimensionally – stack your stuff high to preserve floor space and move to a more economically sized and priced unit.
  • If access isn’t required often, ensure the height of the unit is used to full advantage. Place larger items to the back of your unit and boxes at the front. Consider if sofas can be placed on their sides, remove legs from tables, dismantle beds, bookshelves, etc. This all helps to condense items and save on unit size.
  • Check reviews of removalists if not using one of our recommended removal partners, to ensure they are on time and efficient. Too often cheaper quotes lead to removalists dragging their feet and ticking the clock over if charging by the hour.

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