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The Benefits of Using Office Space For Rent at Storage Sites

Renting office space is a commitment. You’re signed into a lease, covering overheads from electricity even to complimentary tea and coffee. It adds up and generally is never flexible. I guess you never considered hiring office space in a storage facility? Because, yes, you can do that. Take it from the masters of turning space into something, self-storage operators, to make it possible to create a flexible office space solution out of their facility. Here’s why renting dedicated office space in a storage complex is one good idea. We should know, it’s our idea.

Advantages of Renting Office Space at Storage Sites

Wilson Storage Office Space
A Wilson Storage Office Space

Renting dedicated office spaces out of our storage facility holds many advantages for those looking for an alternative to a traditional office space. In our case, Wilson Storage Office Space provides cost-saving, convenience, accessibility, flexibility and scalability.

Temporary Office Space

This is what makes a storage space office different from the rest. Not many places offer temporary office space. We do, with variable-term contracts with no lock-in. It’d be sad to see you go, but stay as long as you like and as long as you need.

Convenience and Accessibility

Do we even need to say it? Working out of the storage facility, you’ll never have to look for extra stationary drawers. In all seriousness, office spaces in storage facilities make a lot of things convenient. Most offer 7-day access and onsite parking too. We sure do.

Cost Savings

We know how costly and inflexible office space solutions can be. That’s why leveraging the multifunctional nature of a storage facility can save some serious costs. Because storage sites have other ways of generating income, they can offset office space rental costs considerably. With flexible payment options and all outgoings included in the monthly charge, you can stay as long as you need and with no stress.

Features of Office Space Rental at Storage Sites

wilson storage office space rowville

Believe us, storage sites can have dedicated office space that is completely new and with modern facilities. Not your standard drab office space you find across Australian cities. Office spaces based in storage facilities like Wilson’s have all the latest bells and whistles. Each office is clean, air-conditioned and connected with free Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi, Kitchen and Meeting Rooms

Free Wi-Fi and meeting rooms, what else do you need to run a successful workplace? Well, the important things like coffee, tea and lunch are right here at a Wilson Space office. This place will start to feel right at home.

Facilities Including Toilets and Shower

Make yourself at home. Just because it’s a storage site doesn’t mean it compromises on good facilities. Toilets and showers are integrated into the office spaces to make the area fully functional and optimised for a place of work.

Security Measures

Storage facilities take security very seriously. They are looking after your belongings in the end. Using a storage site as your head of operations is sure to guarantee that your assets are safe. No one’s taking your bicycle from here, particularly with our Wilson Security patrols.

Additional Business Services and Admin Support

Storage site operators clearly are a jack of all trades. Wilson Storage offers a full suite of Business Services including inventory storage, receiving and dispatching of mail deliveries, and our stationery shop.

Choosing the Right Office Space To Rent

Our Williamstown storage site with ocean-view office space


Choose your storage site and choose your location. The choice is yours. Don’t settle for inconvenience just because you need office space. You could even rent an office with ocean views from our Williamstown storage site. This is why renting an office in a storage site is a seriously underrating option: it’s your workplace on your terms.


Size is a big aspect to consider. Whether you’re scaling up or down, Wilson offices come in all standard sizes, from 6 square metres all the way up to 25 square metres. This is probably more choice than you’re used to and it’s a one-stop shop.

There you go. Offices and self-storage can go hand in hand. Not to boast, the Wilson Storage Offices are setting a good standard. It’s a great option for someone starting out their business journey, restructuring their business or someone who’s really just sold on the comprehensiveness of the service. Office spaces in storage sites are flexible, collaborative spaces with plenty of complimentary benefits. Efficiency has never looked this good.

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