How to pack boxes effectively and efficiently

Whether you’re packing up your entire home for a removal or just putting a few boxes into storage, knowing how to pack your boxes effectively and efficiently is key. Not only will it save you time, it will also leave you with a neater, more condensed result which will save you in storage costs. You mind even find yourself enjoying it, too.

Size up your belongings

The first step is to take stock of all the items that will be going into a box. If it’s a small amount, it may be helpful to actually gather all of said items into a pile so you can visualise the size and number of boxes you will need.

If this is a bigger job, we recommend creating a comprehensive list of belongings and trying to assess how many boxes you will need as best you can. If you’re feeling clueless, our helpful customer service team are always on hand to aid you with solving any box-related enigmas.

Get the right materials

Besides having an appropriate number of boxes, you’ll be wise to pick up a roll or two of packing tape, a pair of scissors, labels and a big black marker. For awkward items that won’t fit in a box, you’ll need some quality packaging paper and plenty of bubble wrap.  

Effective packing isn’t just about fitting as much as you can into a box. It’s about doing it fast and doing it well. To achieve that, you will certainly need the above list of packing essentials, which, luckily enough, we sell at each of our locations and online at our Wilson Storage Box Shop.

Be smart about packing  

Of course, fitting as much as you can into each box is important. In the world of boxes, space is money, so the fewer boxes you have taking up costly real estate in a removal van or storage unit, the less you’ll pay.

Remember, however, that your back is as important as your budget. Make sure you don’t pack your boxes so tightly that they’re too heavy or dangerous to lift – strike the right balance between saving money and not throwing your back out.

Consider the future

Our final bit of advice to help you master the packing experience is around organisation. Remember those labels you picked up? Use them. Time and time again, we see customers tearing through their previously pristine storage unit in search of a single item, simply because they didn’t have the forethought to label their boxes.

Packing your boxes by room is also a logical solution to help you out on the receiving end of a removal process – you might even find the movers are kind enough to put the ‘kitchen’ box in the kitchen to save you some heavy lifting.  

Follow our top tips for effective packing and you’ll be an expert in no time. 

You’ve already spent 3 minutes of quality packing time reading this article, so head to the Wilson Storage Box Shop now and get moving. If you hurry, you’ll make it in time for our in-store 30% discount.

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