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Did you park your boat on your neighbour’s lawn?

Anybody who has a boat understands the problems that arise when you try to store it safely, when it’s not in use. People who have a boat but don’t live near the water may have to find alternate ways of storing it. There is always the option of storing the boat in a marina where it sits until you get back to it. However, the main issue with a public marina is that, well, it is public! That means, anyone who has access to the marina has access to your boat. While they may not be able to take it away, they can always fiddle with it or, worse, vandalise it when no one’s there.

Since you are not going to be using your boat every day, it will be sitting there most of the time, vulnerable to unsavoury elements. Marinas may not offer your boat the security it needs and leaving it there is akin to leaving your sparkling sports car on a public car park until you get back to using it, which might be once a week or once in a month!

Unfortunately Home’s not an Option Either!

So if you cannot leave your boat in the marina, the next best thing is to bring it home with you, right? Well, that’s all fine until you realise that you need to park that boat at your home in such a way that it does not block your neighbour’s driveway.

The other thing to consider is that the boat’s not going to go out again until you do decide to head down to the waters again, so it is going to sit there in your driveway or garage – and this can be inconvenient to everyone. You need to make sure there’s still room for your cars and, it should not block up anything like your tools or other items in your garage that you are more likely to use more often than your boat.

Have you Considered Private Secure Storage for Boats?

Imagine a situation where you could have your boat and use it when you want, and store it away safely at all other times. You could store it away in such a way that you don’t block your driveway, garage or pick up fights with your neighbours.

The ideal solution is finding a private storage facility where you can park your boat and let it sit until you are ready to hit the waters again. The process doesn’t change much – instead of hitching up your boat at home and heading to the waters, you drive down to the storage facilities, offered by companies like Wilson Storage, and hitch it up before heading out.

Not only do you end up with more free space at home, your boat remains safe under the watchful eyes of the Wilson Storage security teams and their 24 x 7 CCTV surveillance of your boat. You can rest assured knowing that your boat is always going to be safe and secure, sitting in its own private storage facility, without obstructing or disrupting your regular life at home! If you’re trying to keep your prized possession safe and free from damage, what more benefits could you need?

Find our more about our boat storage solutions here.

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