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What to put into storage when renting out your home

When renting out your house or apartment, you must consider which household items you will leave for your guests and which items you would like safely out of the reach of curious minds and clumsy hands.

Whether you’re listing your place on Airbnb for a month or putting a second home up for rent, the notion of someone else living in your home with your possessions can be somewhat unsettling. To make the process less of a worry, a smart move is to pack up everything that you don’t want seen, touched, misplaced or broken and put it into storage for the duration of the lease.

Wilson Storage has secure storage units that you can rent for as little as a month or as long as you need. So, with your storage facility sorted, it’s time to start packing. But what exactly goes and what stays? Here are a few tips to help you decide:

Personal belongings  

Things like soppy love letters, vintage photo collages and, most importantly, your diary should be treated as contraband when renting out your home – get them out of sight. Anything that allows a guest to peer into your soul should be placed in storage without a second thought.

Protecting heirlooms

There should be no valuable heritage pieces left behind when you’re expecting strangers in your home. An ancient chest of drawers that has been passed down from your great-great-great-grandmother should not be left in the hands of someone who might think it’s IKEA’s latest. Any heirlooms and iconic collector’s items will be protected from damage (or worse, theft) in the safety of a storage unit, so that you can pass them down to future generations in pristine condition.

Expensive breakables

What do people do when they move into a new home or begin their holiday? They drink champagne. And what do they drink it in? Your swanky champagne flute collection. Make sure all expensive breakables (including mirrors, glass cabinetry, etc.) are where they will be safe – in a padded box in a secure room at a Wilson Storage facility.  

Fine art and decor

Art can be a tricky one. For the most part, leaving it up on the walls should be fine. However, if you have any pieces that are particularly dear or at least dear to you, putting them into storage will give you peace of mind.

Wardrobe storage

Imagine a nosy Airbnb guest running their fingers through your neatly hung shirts, trying on your shoes with their big feet and walking around the home in your bathrobe. Now breathe. For this, too, is fully avoidable by simply getting everything off the hangers and into – you guessed it – storage!

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