Self storage for apartment living

Living in an inner city apartment in a vibrant neighbourhood can change the amount of life you get out of your life. But sometimes there’s a compromise at stake – moving to a smaller living space can mean you have too many possessions to fit into it.

Here are our tips for using self storage to make the most of your apartment lifestyle.

Find the right size storage unit

Most self storage facilities offer a wide range of storage units of sizes. A small unit can be quite economical and free up valuable space in your apartment. After all, there’s no point choosing a vibrant urban lifestyle if you have to come home to a mess of boxes and spare furniture every night.

You might also choose to share a storage unit with a friend or a neighbour in your apartment building if you know them well enough.

It’s not always about the location

If you have a carload of possessions that you rarely look at, choosing a storage facility that’s conveniently around the corner might not be the best option. You might find that a facility a little further away might have a more preferential rate.

Take the time to weigh up the pros and cons of location vs price and you could save yourself some money just by driving an extra few km to the facility.

Pack for convenient retrieval

When you’re storing away items that you need to get at occasionally, it pays to organise your storage in a way that makes them easy to get to. Infrequently accessed items go at the back, more frequently accessed items at the front. Simple. You want your trips to your unit to be quick and easy, so organising items in relevant batched boxes or plastic containers is the way to go.

Pack away seasonally

There’s no point your Christmas tree and decorations, summer beach and surf gear, winter snowboard and ski gear or anything of that kind should be cluttering up your apartment during the seasons you’re not using them. The time it takes to make a quick trip to your storage unit is well worth the effort for having plenty of space to relax in.

Regular seasonal clothing is always a popular choice for hiding away in storage. Take those big winter coats out of your closet during summer, likewise offload all of your summer and travel clothing during the colder months. Every time you fight to squeeze another hanger into a bunch of packed clothes, you’ll wish you had.

Contact Wilson Storage
Finding a simple self storage unit is the easiest way to maximise the space in your apartment without throwing stuff away. Contact Wilson Storage today to see how easy it is to make the most of your apartment space.

If you are in the market for an off the plan apartment, our friends at Apartment Developments showcase the very best in Melbourne.

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