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How self storage can help your business

Self-storage isn’t just about clearing space in your home. Many businesses use self-storage as an integral part of their business, both as an everyday process and a long-term solution.

Here are the most popular ways self-storage helps businesses perform better.

Stock pick-up and drop-off

One of the most popular business uses for storage units is to facilitate easy pick-ups and drop-offs for sales teams.

If you have a sales team who are often on the road, they can use your storage unit as a central hub to quickly replenish their stock, supplies or marketing materials. That way they don’t have to travel back to head offices which can sometimes be far away. Businesses with sales and rep teams operating across multiple areas find this particularly useful.

Office furniture

Businesses can expand and contract. As they do, the furniture required for the changing workforce also fluctuates. A storage unit is an ideal repository for all your office furniture, cabinets and so on.

You may have to create more space for new employees, or equally, provide them with desks and chairs that you have in storage. It’s the ideal way to ensure you have the flexibility to quickly adapt to these business changes and ensures your precious office space isn’t just being cluttered with furniture that isn’t being used.

The added bonus here is that, if your business moves locations or expands into another office, your storage unit doesn’t have to move, saving you the effort of shifting everything.

Storage for online businesses - Business Storage in Melbourne

Online retail stock

Many businesses only exist online, with no actual physical store. If you sell products online, this means those products are often piled up around your home or taking up space in your garage.

Taking up a storage unit is a much better solution. If you have a small to medium online business, a storage unit makes a perfect hub through which to process your stock. You can have it delivered to your unit (at Wilson, for example, we can take delivery of your stock for you if you’re not there) and drop by to process your orders all in one go when it suits you.

The added bonus – your home office remains clutter-free and a better place to conduct your business.

Business document storage

We all know how office paperwork can build up. First one filing cabinet, then two, then before you know it you’ve run out of space.

The temptation is to throw things away, but with the legal requirement to keep tax and business-related documents for at least five years, that isn’t a smart move.

Instead of throwing away older financial records or legal documents, a storage unit provides the perfect, secure spot to keep them. That way you’ll know everything is easily retrievable come tax time – and your office doesn’t become an assault course of paperwork.

Have a chat with our friendly team today and see how a Wilson Storage unit can help boost your business.

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