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Self-Storage Facilities Popular as Apartment Living Rises

As housing prices soar and the marketplace grows increasingly more competitive, residents in major Australian cities are opting for apartment living. With apartment living comes house savings, smaller mortgages, and less maintenance but there is one major drawback… what do you do with all your things?

Wilson Storage offers a range of self-storage facilities. We keep all items in individual personal storage units, which are monitored 24/7. You can access your things at any time without any hassle. If you are looking to downsize, we even offer complimentary in-house quotes, packing, and removal to reduce the stress of moving house. And, of course, if you are a legend intent on moving yourself, we offer move-in van for free (for the first four hours). Self-storage units come in weekly, monthly or yearly contracts to suit whichever method works best for you. You may be asking, though, why storage units?


Downsizers go through the agonising process of sorting, donating and throwing out belongings. Some things are easy to organise: the clam-shell a now fifteen-year-old daughter used to play in during heat waves in Summer? Bin! But other possessions are harder to part with. Photo albums we never look at anymore but hope one day our family and friends will, golf clubs that cost a tonne of money and represent a retirement dream, endless gardening tools, and paraphernalia kept in the hope that one day, either we or our loved ones, will need them again. Where do we put these things that hold sentimental value?

Possession Accumulation

You may be happy living in an apartment but find your home is feeling more and more cramped with each year that passes. It’s a fact that no matter our good intentions, we naturally accumulate more things as we grow, particularly if we tend to stay in the one place for years at a time. Have you ever woken up, looked around at all the clutter and felt the burning desire to do a massive spring clean? The same problems occur, as when downsizing. There are the things that you think you will need, the things you want to need and the things you actually need. And they all require a place to exist. That’s where storage becomes the solution, especially in apartment complexes that don’t have adequate storage space.

Renting Apartments During Travel

With the invention of Air B’n’B, heaps of apartment owners are putting their homes up for lease while travelling for short, medium or long-term periods. It can be risky business, though. No matter how well you and the service provider vet the candidate who will stay in your home, there are always a few prized possessions you’d rather be safe than sorry about losing. Wilson Storage can provide short term to long term storage solutions. Whether it’s only a few things you want to protect or whole rooms from your home, we have a range of storage sizes to suit your needs.

At Wilson Storage, we are a premium business, with great service and well-kept storage facilities to match. To find out how you can access affordable and convenient storage facilities, contact Wilson Storage staff here.

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