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Self-storage for small businesses

Running a small business is a rewarding endeavour, but sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially if you are experiencing rapid growth. When that fortunate day comes, you will likely look at warehouses, office spaces and co-working studios, so you don’t have boxes and product cluttering your home anymore. We have a better solution for you — a self-storage unit at Wilson Storage.

We are affordable

Warehouses, or larger commercial office spaces, can often be expensive for small businesses and until you have a reasonable level of cash flow to comfortably factor in these costs, you’ll want to spend your money elsewhere. Self-storage is an affordable solution with an added benefit — it’s flexible.

Our self-storage units are perfect for small businesses that are still in the growth phase. If you work from home, or occupy a small office and find the stock levels of your product are increasing, consider hiring one of our units. We have a range of sizes on offer at affordable prices, and our contracts are flexible. Plus, we don’t charge expensive lock-in fees or bond deposits, so your storage solutions remain dynamic as your business experiences fluctuations in sales.

We are convenient

At Wilson Storage, we aim to make your life easier. We offer a suite of business services from forklifts and pallet jacks to cardboard boxes, packaging and pallet wrapping. We even operate as a PO box and secure your mail while dispatching your product — no double-handling here.

You can use our storage solutions in ten different locations across Melbourne, so you won’t have to spend time travelling back and forth between your office and storage unit. You will also have your PIN access code, enabling you 24/7 access so you can check your stock levels any time, day or night.

We are secure

When it comes to your all-important stock, we understand you want the top-most security. The last thing a small business needs is a theft which can cause a backlog of orders and poor customer relations.

That’s why we have multiple layers of security at Wilson Storage. On top of the standard security measures like individual lock and key to each self-storage unit, we have additional features that make us stand out. First, your storage facility will have an alarm which your PIN access code will disable when you enter the facility. Second, we have 24/7 live CCTV monitoring all of our facilities. Third, we have security patrols working two shifts, every night.

This, on top of our service desk operators during the day, provides an extra element of protection and deters any potential theft.

We offer extras

Each of our Wilson Storage locations has a customer services office, which doubles as a stationary shop. If you run out of tape as you’re filling a time-sensitive order, you can pick up a new roll at the front desk — no frantic drive to Officeworks during peak hour traffic.

We also sell boxes, Stanley knives, packing paper, markers — you name it. On top of this, we have office spaces available for hire if you choose to take the next step with your business.

Talk to one of our friendly Wilson Storage staff to find out how you can hire a self-storage unit and grow your business further.

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