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Spring clean your way to a tidier home

The first taste of spring has come and gone and the average weather is back in full swing, so you’ve probably put spring cleaning to the back of your mind. But not so fast. Spring is coming. Before you know it, the heat will be upon us and you’ll be wishing you had done your annual spring clean earlier so you could focus on enjoying the beautiful sunshine instead of your messy house.

Before you start making your way through your home and deciding what deserves to stay for summer and what would be better housed in a Wilson Storage unit, have a read of our top tips, a little refresher course to help you master this year’s spring clean.

Putting winter to bed

There’s nothing worse than all of your big winter duvets, sheets and blankets taking up precious wardrobe space that could otherwise be used for dapper new summer suits and floral spring dresses. So do the right thing and bundle it all up (in an intelligent, space-efficient way, of course) and get it into a storage unit.

Cleaning out your closet

If it’s not piles of winter bedding clogging up your all-important wardrobe space, it’s your winter clothes themselves. In our beautiful summer climate, there’s simply no need for your collection of winter coats, thermals and accessories taking up precious space. Box it up and get it out of sight (don’t worry, we’ll keep an eye on it at Wilson Storage).

And while you’re at it, you may as well take the chance to get rid of some of the clothes you haven’t worn in over a year. You’ll likely find a charity clothes bin in your area or you can donate unwanted clothes to shops such as The Salvation Army.

Garage sale!

Take this opportunity to free yourself from the burden of other seasonal items clogging up your garage, too. Similar to your wardrobe, you’ll probably discover that you’ve been using your garage to hide the fact that you’re a compulsive hoarder. So be brave and throw a few things out. And if you can’t bring yourself to bin your belongings, spring is the perfect time for a garage sale!

While it might seem like a bit of a leap to move all of your beloved winterly possessions into a storage unit for the summer, rest assured they’ll be securely protected in your clean and dry unit, waiting patiently for you to collect them come winter time next year.

And should you decide to head to the European Alps in Australian summertime and desperately need your snow onesie, fear not. Your rented storage unit is of course accessible all year round. In fact, it’s accessible 24/7 all year round – just like your garage.

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