Storage protection against bushfires

Yes, this winter does seem to have dragged on. The good news is, that’s great for our farms and gardens, which have enjoyed an extended wet season with plenty of lush growth. The bad news is, our forests have also had a growth bonanza, which can only mean one thing – an increased bushfire risk this summer when all of that extra growth dries out.

If you live in a fire risk area, you know the importance of safety and probably already know what you’d miss the most if the worst should happen.

With that in mind, here are our top 5 items we recommend you store in a secure facility away from the fire risk at home.

Boats and Vehicles
Many of us have more than one vehicle on our property. But during bushfire season there’s no sense in risking such an expensive item. Likewise, boats are costly things to replace, so it’s clearly better to be safe than sorry. Many self-storage facilities like Wilson Storage have vehicle and boat storage that’s safe and easily accessible. Another benefit is the ease of obtaining insurance for these big ticket items when they’re stored in a secure, monitored facility.

From treasured antique furniture pieces to precious books, we all have things we wouldn’t want to see destroyed in a house fire. When it comes to valuable heirlooms like jewellery and watches there is no safer place to keep them than in a secure storage facility. Whilst the gold and silver themselves won’t be permanently damaged by fire, other elements of these items like watch mechanisms and clasps might not be so lucky.

Old school sewing machine - Storage protection against bushfires

Clothes and Shoes
You spend years building your collections of clothes and shoes, and replacing them would be one of the most difficult tasks. So, aside from freeing up useful space in your home, storing off-season clothing is a great way to ensure you don’t lose your entire wardrobe in one fell swoop. Clothes are highly flammable, so getting as many of them out of your home as possible also helps reduce the risk of fire spreading should your home be only partially affected.

Important documents
Your home contracts and insurance policies are not something you want to lose to fire. Personal wills are also worth protecting. Important documents could also include certificates and sentimental items like old photographs. All of these can be securely stored in a small unit far away from fire risk areas.


Winter Recreation Items
We’re talking skis, snow gear, snowboards etc. Again, these can be expensive items that just sit around your home during the summer months anyway. Storing them safely and securely offsite make sense in lots of ways, and you’ll sleep sounder knowing they’re safe and ready for action come the next snow season.

Contact Wilson Storage today to chat about your secure storage needs. And remember, during bushfire season you should always be prepared, adhere to all safety warnings and Fire Danger Ratings and if in doubt, get out.

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