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Storage solutions for when your children leave home

The kids have moved out of home, and you find yourself saddled with boxes upon boxes of old school textbooks, out of season clothing and childhood memorabilia you can’t bear to throw away. You’re looking forward to cleaning it all out and putting it somewhere safe, but the storage room and garage are full. What do you do?

Wilson Storage has self-storage units you can hire which are the perfect place for these precious items. Here’s why…


Our units are secure

We couldn’t think of anything worse than your children’s most precious belongings being ransacked or stolen, which is why we have a twice-nightly security patrol, CCTV, and on top of your own unit lock and key, we have an alarm system which responds to your own PIN access code.


Our units are 24/7 accessible

Your own lock and key and PIN code enables 24/7 access to your unit. This means that when your grown children return home for the Easter long weekend and decide they would like to take some of their old things back with them, you can enter your unit even when the customer service centre is closed.


We are flexible

What happens when your children move into a bigger home, with kids of their own, and decide to relieve you of all of their old things, leaving you with an empty storage unit overnight, or smaller storage needs?

One of our best features is our ability to cater to you and your requirements. You can hire our self-storage units for a few months or a year with our flexible contracts and upgrade or downgrade the size of your storage. Just talk to our friendly customer service staff, and we can make it happen!


We move for you

Shifting your kids’ stuff to storage is easy if they’ve left smaller items like clothing, books and boxes. But what happens when they’ve left their queen-sized bed behind, as well as an armchair, desk and bicycle?

At Wilson Storage, we provide you with a modern move-in van at highly competitive hourly rates — and the fuel is free! All our vans are automatics and include doors on three sides, perfect for those navigating narrow streets or driveways with restricted access. If you require a larger vehicle, our specialist removalist partners will help us arrange one for you.


Call one of our friendly customer service staff today to find out more about our self-storage units — and think about all the space you will have when you clear out all those old things!


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