Wilson Storage solutions – our gift to you this Christmas

December is here and Christmas is just around the corner. So if you’ve got the entire family coming to yours for the holiday, you’ve probably started to panic a little about where you’re going to put them. But don’t worry, Wilson Storage has you covered.

We can’t help you with getting the perfect gift for every relative, but we can help with your space-related issues in some way or another. Most hosts either have so much stuff filling up the house that adding humans to the mix becomes problematic, or they actually have the opposite problem – not owning enough chairs, beds and plates to make the holiday run smoothly.

If you’re in the first group and you’ve started to worry about how grandma and grandpa are going to fit in the spare bedroom after you turned it into your personal art studio, the solution is simple. Box up those paintbrushes (just temporarily!) and get them into a secure storage unit at your nearest Wilson Storage facility. The same goes for the ski gear in the wardrobe and the suitcases under the bed.

If you’re in the second group, you’ve probably considered investing in a couple of spare mattresses, some new crockery and cutlery, and a couple of chairs to sleep, feed and seat your son and his new girlfriend. But what will you do with it all when they leave come January 1st? Well, you’ll store it with us – we’ll look after it until you need it again. And because we offer flexible month-to-month contracts, you won’t be stuck paying for unused storage space that you don’t want. 

You might even find that with everything you need to be the perfect host stored conveniently around the corner at a Wilson Storage facility, you’ll be asked to host Christmas again next year.

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