Easy-access storage for small tradesperson businesses

As a small tradesperson company, where and how you store your tools and equipment can have a huge impact on business.

Although cheap, storing everything at home can get messy and irritating, particularly if multiple members of your team require everyday access. But renting out a warehouse might not be viable for your business yet, especially if your equipment doesn’t require much space.

Allow us to introduce Wilson Storage drive-up garages. Available for as little as $39/week, they are the ultimate solution for keeping all of your apparatus in a single, secure location.

While all of our Wilson Storage units offer a safe, CCTV-monitored place to store your items, our drive-up garages have the added benefit of being directly accessible without having to enter the Wilson Storage facility.

Not only will this save valuable time when you and your team are retrieving or returning tools, it will also avoid the difficulty of moving large, heavy or awkwardly shaped equipment in and out of storage. Simply drive up to the entrance and load up your vehicle with everything you need that day.

The benefits don’t stop at easy access (which is 24/7, just like the rest of our storage options), but extend to the rental agreement. We understand that as a small tradesperson business, your needs may fluctuate over time. You might have lots of equipment for one project, followed by a period of having very little you need to store. That’s why we offer short-term and long-term rent options, and no lock-in contracts.  

For now, drive-up garages are exclusively available at our Moorabbin Wren Road facility.

To enquire about renting one of our drive-up garages, call us today on 03 8535 7981 or contact us here.

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