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Storing your possessions when moving

Yes, moving house is on top of the list of life’s most stressful events. But there are ways you can reduce that stress. Putting your possessions into self storage is one of them. So, whether you’re moving around the world or down the street, here’s our guide to minimising the pain.

Why use self storage?

A number of reasons, which can include your moving dates not quite lining up, taking an extended break between selling your home and moving into your new one, or simply undertaking renovation work – it makes sense to store your possessions out of harm’s way.

It’s all in the preparation

The more organised you are in packing your possessions, the easier the unpacking at the other end. Follow these tips:

– Wrap breakables in plenty of bubble wrap to keep them safe during removal. Nobody wants to find cracked cups at the end of the move let alone shattered heirlooms.

– Pack using strong, clean storage boxes. A good self storage company like Wilson Storage will sell all the packing supplies you’ll need.

– Take apart any large items that can be taken apart, like beds, to make moving them easier. Put all fixtures in a bag and tape to one of the main pieces.

– Clearly label which items go in which box. Just think of your future self trying to remember what’s where, even if it’s only in a week’s time. An extra minute labelling fully will save much frustration later.

– Be smart and organise boxes by room, so you know where everything is, and the removalists can more quickly and easily drop each box in the right room for you.

– Write your phone number and relevant address on every box, just in case one goes astray.

After moving house

The added benefit of storing whilst you move is the ability to leave things in storage until you’re ready for them. You might decide to leave some things in storage whilst you upgrade a kitchen or bathroom in your new place, for example.

At Wilson Storage our secure self storage units come in all shapes and sizes, with flexible storage terms to suit your needs whilst you renovate, move or travel. Get in touch today or request a FREE quote here.

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