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Summer Clear-out Tips

Summer is the ideal time to clear away the cobwebs and free up some space around your home with a good clear-out — and a self storage unit could be the solution to making the whole thing a lot easier. There’s nothing like starting the new season with a clutter-free home. As well as providing a blank canvas for all your great new summer plans, a clear home is also a healthier one.

Storage is great for everything you don’t regularly use but don’t wish to throw away. It’s a great way to get them out of your home without losing them.

Let’s take a look at our top summer clear-out tips.

Clothing Storage

When it comes to clothes, it helps to have a pragmatic approach to letting go. Basically, if you haven’t worn it in the last six months, you can probably live without it. But if you swear those lavender flares are about to come back in fashion any minute now, storage is the way to go.

This is also the perfect time to store away all your winter clothes until next year. Cardboard clothing boxes are ideal. They’re inexpensive, reusable and turn your storage unit into your very own off-site closet, allowing you to keep your clothes clean and hung neatly. That way, they’ll just need a quick freshen up next season.

Clothes scattered all around the apartment

Kitchen Storage

Head into your kitchen or dining room and you’ll find any number of items that could be stored elsewhere. For example, whilst it’s handy to have plenty of dinner place settings on hand, in reality it’s probably rare for 20 people to turn up unexpectedly for dinner. And what about the furniture? Any additional dining chairs and tables you need for special occasions needn’t be taking up valuable space in your home for the rest of the year.

Children’s Toys

As kids grow older, you may find you have boxes of toys or books they no longer find quite so interesting. With many of us choosing to hang onto these for the next generation to enjoy, this can leave you with yet more floor or cupboard space taken up for years on end. A handy self storage unit is the simple solution to toy storage.

Kids toys everywhere

Storage whilst Decorating

Summer is also the time many people decide to make an even bigger change and redecorate or renovate their home. In which case, you may be on the lookout for more storage to store everything safely out of the way whilst you tackle the whole house. At Wilson Storage we have a wide range of storage units of all sizes available on a month-by-month basis.

A good clear out is the perfect way to give your home a new lease of life and, in a simple way, get a larger home without moving. Get in touch with Wilson Storage today and discuss the best storage solution for you.

Discover all of the Self Storage Solutions Wilson offers here.

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