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The Biggest Benefits of Using Self-Storage During Renovation

A renovation can increase the value and appeal of your house. However, you might need a space to store your possessions while the process is ongoing.

Therefore, a storage unit can be advantageous when you decide to renovate or expand your house. In reality, people have many different reasons to use a self-storage unit. For instance, your storage unit has many additional advantages, including keeping your possessions safe until you’re ready to bring them back into your home. Keep reading to learn the biggest benefits of using self-storage during renovation.

Using self-storage during renovation can help declutter your home

Your house undoubtedly holds many items you don’t regularly use if it’s anything like most households. After all, we all have objects in our houses that we could use more efficiently, from clothes to holiday decorations and everything in between. Therefore, a renovation is an ideal time to organise your house and eliminate unnecessary stuff. You can keep them in a self-storage unit rather than trying to find space for them in your home. That will simplify renovations and declutter your house. Furthermore, it will also offer you a starting point for future decluttering.

On the other hand, be careful not to do good on one side and damage the other. In short, don’t declutter your home and clutter your unit. Therefore, try to have proper organization in your unit to benefit from it for as long as possible.

Couple sorting items as a preparation to use self-storage during renovation
Using self-storage during renovation is excellent as it motivates you to declutter your home.

You can keep your belongings away from the mess

Renovations may be rather messy. Your rooms will get quite dirty and could stay that way for a while, whether with insulation debris, dust, or paint spatter. Therefore, it would be best to pack your items and move them offsite and into a self-storage unit to keep them tidy. Even with the most cautious team of workers, dust will coat your house’s precious furniture, textiles, and devices. And because you don’t need more stress from the renovation, moving your items to a self-storage unit is better. 

Self-storage units are safe  

Throughout the renovation, your front door will be left open. That is due to the numerous visitors during construction. The electrician, installer, plumber, technician, and painter will constantly be in and out of your home. However, you may have never seen some of these folks before. Therefore, accidents can quickly happen. You might have shattered paintings, picture frames, and lamps or see paint dripping over your priceless possessions.

These mishaps frequently happen and are unavoidable in a construction zone. So instead of being unhappy and questioning if your priceless possessions are secure, move them to a safer place. You can’t be on the lookout for them every second, but a self-storage unit will keep them safe for as long as you need.

Persons wrapping a chair in bubble wrap
As long as you pack your items properly, they will be safe and unharmed while in self-storage.

Self-storage can save you money

You’re on a tight budget if you’re considering a house renovation. We know that. That is why we need to tell you that using self-storage might help you cut costs while renovating. For instance, you can save money on expensive storage options, such as off-site storage facilities or mobile storage containers. Self-storage might also help you to cut costs on the renovation itself.

For instance, as we already mentioned, you can use self-storage to keep your furniture and other items safe while the paint on your walls dries. Doing so will protect your possessions, and you will avoid spending more money to replace them if they get damaged.

You don’t have time limitations

Even if your renovation takes longer than expected, you can store your items in self-storage for an extended time. And the best part is that your items will be secure since the facilities are well-guarded.

So, if you rent a unit for a specific period, but your project takes longer than expected, the conditions can be changed. In reality, most companies offer flexible conditions to clients who need to extend their contracts. The conditions might, however, differ from one company to the other. Therefore, it is wise to research the facility’s rules before signing the contract. That way, you can be sure that you will make the most of your storage unit.

You won’t depend on others

We often rely on our friends and family to keep our belongings and valuables during a renovation. And while this strategy generally works, it might be inconvenient if the person isn’t always accessible when you need something. Therefore, one of the biggest benefits of using self-storage during renovation is that you don’t depend on others. Using a storage facility allows you to check your belongings whenever you choose.

You make more space in your home

A renovation involves a lot of work and moving around, much like new construction. In most cases, workers need sufficient room for easy movement. Therefore, leaving your belongings inside the house will cause them trouble. To make it easier for professionals to work, you should move everything out of the way. Even if you relocate the objects to another room in the house, doing so might create crowded spaces.

So, the best alternative is to move your belongings to a self-storage unit. By doing so, you won’t overcrowd your house; thus, the workers can move freely.

Person painting the walls without having furniture around
Whether you hire professionals or do the project yourself, self-storage will give you more space in your home during a renovation.

An empty house is easier to organise and decorate

Once you get all your items out of the way, your rooms have more breathing space. In addition, all your walls and floors are empty, allowing you to envision how they will look after the renovation. In addition, using self-storage can help you even after the renovation project is over.

For instance, you can keep your home more organised and bring back inside only the items you use regularly. All the other stuff you stored but don’t need until next season can stay in storage without a problem.

In conclusion

There are significant benefits to using self-storage during renovation. However, some of the biggest are safety, flexibility, and commodity. Furthermore, you can focus on your renovation while storing your belongings and feel more organised and relaxed. If we come to think of it, in a way, using self-storage can help you decrease your stress levels and keep a clear mind.

So next time you consider renovating your home, use self-storage. Your home and your nerves will be thankful. Contact your nearest Wilson Storage today!

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