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Three reasons why you have a cluttered home

Decluttering has long been known to have a positive effect on our mental wellbeing. Getting rid of things that no longer hold meaning for you can improve productivity, cheer you up and even improve your physical health.

But, the thing is, minimalism isn’t for everyone. Overhauling your home and throwing out everything in a bid to be happier can often have an adverse effect. It’s important to understand why you have so many things in the first place and decide whether you are keeping them for a good reason. And if you are, but still want the benefits of a ‘clear’ home, then self-storage units are a great way to hold onto sentimental possessions, without them cluttering your home.

We’ve done some research on the reasons why people end up with cluttered homes, to help you establish if you need to do a spring clean or just put some things out of sight, out of mind.


Your children have moved out

This is a common one — the kids move out and leave their bedrooms virtually untouched, expecting you to hold onto their favourite childhood toys and school exercise books until they have enough space to accommodate their possessions themselves.

Parents around the world lament this phenomenon. You were looking forward to the extra space that comes when your children leave the nest, and yet you can’t clear up their old bedrooms without first finding a home for all of their things.

That’s why self-storage is so handy — you can hire one of our units for anywhere with a month-to-month or yearly contract. This way, when your children are finally ready to take ownership of their things, you’ll have them ready to go. And in the meantime, your house will be free of clutter.


You might need whatever ‘it’ is

This is another common attitude. Some people end up with cluttered homes because they don’t like to part with things they believe they might need one day in the future.

We don’t think this is as bad as purveyors of minimalism would have you believe. Sometimes, holding onto those things actually works out. In two years’ time, you may happen upon an object your friends told you to discard and repurpose it.

Every person is different and if holding onto certain things, like old books or empty notepads, makes you feel happy, then do it! And perhaps you could organise to store these possessions. Then, you’d alleviate the feeling of loss that can happen when you toss things in the bin, but still get the benefit of a clean and tidy home.


You’re busy and overwhelmed

Sometimes, life gets in the way of a good spring clean. As your schedule fills up, you may have less time to find the appropriate homes for an accumulation of possessions.

If you don’t know what to do with these things, pack them into boxes and use our move-in to transport everything to our storage facilities. You can pick through the boxes at a later date, maybe when you have annual leave or in the lull after Christmas and before New Years.

Call Wilson Storage to speak to our friendly customer service staff who can help you arrange your self-storage unit and find out quotes.


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