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Who is the unsung hero of self storage?

We talk a lot about how easy it is to use our storage facilities. Pack, store, done – if you’ve been keeping up with our tagline you’ll know all about it.

To actually show you just how simple storing your belongings with Wilson Storage really is, we decided to create a great new video campaign. Take a look:

The story in our new campaign has a main character who we think has long deserved a moment in the spotlight – the cardboard box. After all, it is the star of most of the services we offer. Without the cardboard box, moving house, shipping business inventory and putting seasonal items into storage would be quite a messy affair.

Our Wilson Storage cardboard box starts in a couple’s home where it is filled, sealed, and transported in a Wilson Storage van to a nice and clean Wilson Storage unit. Now that may sound like a lot of branded bragging but we take great pride in just how very end-to-end our solutions are.

The cardboard hero of our story then sits safely in the dark. Until the woman realises that in the speedy process of pack store done, she accidentally forced a treasured belonging into hibernation – her teddy bear. Not to worry, you can access your storage unit any time and with no fuss at all, the ending illustrates. And we mean any time – all of our units are accessible around the clock, every day of the year.

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