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Want to grow your business? Why a storage unit could help.

Just like your own home, having a cluttered office can have a negative impact on the productivity of you and your employees.

Just like your own home, having a cluttered office can have a negative impact on the productivity of you and your employees.

Whether it’s consistently having to search for documents within stacks of paperwork or simply feeling claustrophobic from the amount of equipment and desks — a messy office can increase stress and decrease well-being in a workplace. 

At Wilson Storage, we specialise in storage solutions to help you run your business more smoothly.

Our range of custom, cost-effective business solutions provides the extra space you need to run your business while your equipment is stored in a safe, clean and well-maintained facility, with 24/7 access and surveillance. 

By using a storage unit, you could open up your business to an array of benefits. We take a look at the ways this simple decision could improve your day-to-day operations.

More room for expansion  

If you’re planning for serious growth in 2020, that generally means adding more employees. That, in turn, could mean introducing more desks, computers, copiers, file cabinets and paperwork to your space. If you think your office is overcrowded now, how will it look when you start expanding? 

A storage unit is an ideal option for clearing out some of the items that aren’t necessary for day-to-day operations, but things you can’t necessarily afford to get rid of. 

Once you’ve moved those unneeded items from the office, it can transform your space and inspire new ideas. 


If all your expensive items and sensitive client information are in one place, you risk major loss in the event of a break-in or fire. 

Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, why not move valuable items and overflow inventory to a storage facility?

With 24/7 surveillance and nightly patrols at every one of our locations, you can have peace of mind that your items are safe and secure. 

This benefit extends to vehicles as well. So, if you have nowhere to park your fleet or have it sitting in an open garage and you’re worried about its well-being, then Wilson’s secure and covered facilities can alleviate your worries.  

Some business owners think that if they keep office equipment, documents and vehicles in storage, they won’t be able to get to them when needed. However, our facilities are open 24/7, so you can gain access to your prized possessions whenever it suits you.

Better control over your stock 

Are you constantly running out of stock because you don’t have the ability to keep a good inventory? Or are you running out of space in your office because you’ve ordered too many products? Then, a storage unit is a perfect solution. It will allow you to remove overflow and keep what is absolutely necessary.

This is a great option for a small business that doesn’t have a huge inventory, but still needs a place to store it until it sells. 

A storage unit can also be advantageous if your company has salespeople constantly on the road. Ordinarily, a representative will have to come back to the office to gather more stock, but a strategically-placed storage unit will allow them to stay in a specific area for longer, without having to return to the branch. At Wilson Storage we have conveniently located facilities to help with your storage needs.  

A better-looking office   

A cluttered office not only affects the productivity of your employees, but it can look unprofessional and unorganised.

The appearance of your office can be a reflection of your business to any potential clients that come and visit — so your messy space may even be costing you money. You could also have some interior design ideas that you can’t carry out because of clutter and product inventory.

If you fall into this category, make a list of everything in your office that’s not being used. Could you afford to move piles of documents off-site? Look at your list and decide if a storage unit could handle all of these items and talk to one of our storage experts.

Get in contact with Wilson Storage to find out more about your office storage needs.

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