Where to keep your boat

Owning your own boat is the dream. Being able to hit those open waters whenever you want is a luxury that most of us aspire to. But for those who actually do become proud owners of a boat, a second challenge presents itself – where to keep it.

Keeping your boat in your driveway is not an economical use of space and certainly not secure. Storing it in a berth or marina can be expensive and could lead to considerable wear and tear, rust or worse. But there is an alternative. Our range of boat storage services at Wilson Storage presents a simple solution for your boat-storing needs. Here are a few reasons why you should leave it with us:


  • Our storage facilities offer a range of boat storage solutions, so you can choose between undercover or open-air storage, depending on your needs.


  • Our facilities include 24/7 live CCTV surveillance and are patrolled nightly by Wilson Security patrols, so security will never be a concern.


  • Your boat will be accessible around the clock any day of the year, so whenever you need your need to pick it up, you can.


  • During the off-season, once you’ve given your boat a good clean it’ll remain clean and dry until you’re ready to take it back onto the water.


  • We offer flexible and affordable month-to-month contracts because we understand that sometimes you’ll need boat storage, and sometimes you won’t.


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