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Why you should consider storing your car

For many, a car is more than just a transportation device that takes you from A to B. It’s their pride and joy and an investment that needs regular care.

This can mean cleaning, restoration or changing the oil on a continuing basis, but it also means keeping the car in a safe and practical location.

Of course, we always do our utmost to keep our vehicles safe. But, sometimes, your car needs to be parked elsewhere due to specific or unique circumstances, and this is where car storage comes in. 

Storing your car has a number of benefits and, at Wilson Storage, we provide vehicle storage in our undercover storage facilities at many of our locations. 

Here are a few reasons why vehicle storage could be the right option for you.


Your car can be your most expensive and prized possession and having it stolen or damaged can be soul-destroying.

Whether you’re worried about its location on a residential street, or apprehensive about leaving it at home while you travel overseas, a vehicle storage space can alleviate those fears. 

At Wilson Storage, we ensure vehicles are constantly watched via our 24/7 live CCTV surveillance and nightly patrols so you can rest easy knowing your car is safe. 

With 24 hour access and flexible contract options, you can also pick it up from one of our facilities whenever it suits you.

Weather protection

If you keep your vehicle outside it can be prone to damage by long exposure to the elements or a freak storm.

Choosing the correct type of storage for your needs can go a long way to protecting your precious investment — and will turn out to be a much cheaper option if you need to repair it at any point.

So to avoid rusted doors, cracked windows or dented hoods speak to our vehicle storage experts at Wilson Storage to find out which one of our undercover facilities is in a convenient location for you. 

Home renovations

Another thing to consider is that you might have enough space for your vehicle, but you need to free up an area for practical reasons, like when undertaking a home renovation.

During this time, you may need to make your front yard or driveway available for the builders as they require easy access to their vans or skips. This means moving your car out of the way, but you may not want to, or can’t, leave it on the street.

A vehicle storage space can offer you both more space and peace of mind and, at Wilson Storage, we can provide a variety of both undercover and open-air storage to suit your needs and budget. 

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