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Wine storage solutions made simple

There’s no doubt about it, having enough wine storage space to build your own private collection is rewarding. Watching your collection grow over time and having the perfect vintage for every occasion is a joy.

But what’s the best way to store your wine? And what’s the best wine storage temperature? If you have a home cellar, or a wine storage cabinet, that’s great. On the other hand, if you’re tight on space or finding it difficult to maintain the best wine storage conditions, Wilson Storage can help.

Our experts have created Wilson Cellars – the perfect climate controlled wine storage solution in a wide range of sizes from a few cases to commercial wine storage quantities. Wilson Cellars are ideal for the budding sommelier, wine merchant or seasoned collector.

Why choose Wilson wine storage?

There are many benefits to storing your wine in a dedicated facility. Perhaps the most important is that unless you purchase an expensive wine refrigerator it’s not easy to create the right conditions.

  • If your home has a cellar the temperature can fluctuate wildly between summer and winter.
  • Excessive changes in humidity and moisture can damage labels and even affect the effectiveness of your corks, putting your entire collection at risk.
  • Wine does not like to be moved regularly – even the occasional nudge of your racks or wine fridge can have a detrimental effect. 
  • If you decide to move house, you could be causing real damage to your collection.
Wine Storage Cellar showing dusty, imperfect conditions

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    Climate controlled wine storage

    Wilson Cellars are safe and stable. 24/7 security monitoring and nightly patrols keep your wine safe for as long as it’s stored with us, ready for when it’s time to enjoy it. That’s peace of mind for your palate!

    So, what’s the optimum red wine storage temperature or the ideal storage temperature for white wine? Interestingly, it’s exactly the same for both:

    • Temperature of 14°C
    • Humidity at exactly 65%

    Maintaining these precise conditions enables wine of all kinds to cellar perfectly, whether it be for months, years or decades. You can then remove the white wine and chill it to your liking before drinking.

    And remember, our climate controlled wine storage is available in a wide range of sizes, and can be fitted with commercial wine storage racks for larger collections or commercial quantities.

    Climate controlled Wilson Cellars at a Wilson Storage facility showing ideal wine storage conditions.

    Wine storage Melbourne or wine storage Sydney?

    Luckily, we have both! In Sydney our Wilson Storage Forestville facility has brand new individual, climate controlled and insulated wine storage racks and units.

    And in Melbourne, many of our facilities have wine storage cabinets temperature controlled at perfect humidity for your collection. For example, our Box Hill facility has brand new Wilson Cellars installed with the latest technology. Contact your nearest location for the best wine storage prices.

    The best way to transport wine

    Worried about how to transport wine bottles from your home to a storage facility? No problem – at Wilson Storage we provide a dedicated wine transport service to do the job.

    When you take up storage with us, our experts will safely transport your collection to your storage unit for you so you don’t need to worry. Or you can choose to borrow one of our move-in vehicles yourself if you prefer.

    Safe, secure, ideal conditions. Treat your wine to Wilson Cellars and when you’re ready, your wine will be in perfect condition to treat you.

    For more information visit our Wine Storage Solutions.

    Wilson Storage dedicated fleet of move-in vehicles ideal for Wine Transportation.

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