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Winter storage tips

Winter is here! The good news is, winter is a great time to declutter.

Take control of your home with these winter storage tips and those extra hours indoors won’t seem so cramped – plus you’ll be ready to emerge into summer with a fresher environment.

Garden and Patio

Gardening tools and equipment can quickly rust and deteriorate if left out in the winter weather, or even in a garden shed if not fully protected and prepped for storage. They’ll fair far better if stored in a secure, dry self storage unit.

It’s crucial to clean and dry everything thoroughly before storing so that it comes out of storage in great condition ready to use.

Electrical or mechanical gardening equipment such as lawnmowers need to be cleaned and oiled so that in the spring they come out of storage ready to go. It’s also best to sharpen any blades for the same reason – when you have that first urge to mow the lawn after winter, you’ll want those blade super sharp.

If you don’t intend using it over winter your garden furniture will also benefit from being sheltered from the elements, particularly if you live an area prone to frost. If kept protected it will last for years.


The garage often ends up being the household dumping ground – but you want your car undercover and protected, not piles of junk and old bikes.

Grab a few heavy duty storage containers to keep items like sports gear, toys and household items clean and dry. If you keep your tools in the garage, it’s best to create a dedicated area for them such as a tool board or set of drawers. Clean up your tools, thoroughly oil any moving parts and store them neatly away.

Box up anything in good condition that’s no longer needed and donate to your nearest charity shop. Everything else – out it goes.


With many of us living in smaller homes or apartments, closet space can be pushed to the limit.

Swapping out all of your summer clothing for your winter wardrobe is a simple way to ensure your clothes have plenty of space to breathe and stay fresh – plus it will be a whole lot easy to find the items you’re looking for.

For everyday items you’re not precious about, vacuum bags are a great way to minimise the space your clothes occupy, whether you’re storing them beneath your bed or in a self storage unit.

You can also buy dedicated clothes hanger boxes that make it simple to transport and store your clothing to your storage unit – ask your local Wilson Storage expert for help with all the boxes and packaging materials you need.

Having followed these tips you may still find you need more space without throwing anything away. Self Storage is the answer. Our self storage units are available in a range of sizes across Melbourne and Sydney, and all for as long or as little time as you need them.

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