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Climate Controlled Document Storage

The box stashed in the back of your closet might seem perfectly adequate for some of your important documents. But climate controlled document storage is becoming increasingly popular for both personal and professional use.

We’re talking about documents such as legal records, contracts, historical documents, photographs, and even precious family heirlooms like letters and photographs. Ensuring that these documents are stored in a controlled environment can help to prevent deterioration and damage over time.

Climate Controlled Storage Benefits

Extreme temperatures – and temperature fluctuations – can cause papers to warp, fade, and become fragile, and in extreme cases make them difficult or impossible to read. Climate controlled storage units are built to maintain a consistently cool temperature, typically around 15°C, to prevent this type of damage.

Business documents can benefit from climate controlled storage.

High humidity levels are also a potential problem. They can cause documents to become mouldy or mildewed, while low humidity levels can cause papers to become brittle and crack. Climate controlled storage units prevent this by maintaining a consistent level of humidity.

Archive storage solutions are often used for documents requiring preservation for long-term use. These solutions can include acid-free boxes, folders, and sleeves to protect the documents from the elements. Combine these with the right storage option and your important documents will remain in perfect condition for decades.

Protect documents against fire and flood

Another benefit of climate controlled document storage is that it can reduce the risk of damage from weather extremes or natural disasters. Few of us have the ideal storage areas at home or in our businesses to protect against fires or floods, which can destroy entire collections of important documents and treasured mementoes.

Fire and flood can cause irreparable damage to important documents.

Climate controlled document storage units, on the other hand, are predominantly located in facilities equipped with fire suppression systems and alarms. As well as being located in areas less prone to such events, this means they offer greater protection and peace of mind.

Safe and secure  

Security is another benefit. Climate controlled document storage units are often equipped with industry-leading security systems.

These systems typically include CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and keycard or biometric access controls, which help to prevent unauthorised access to the items stored inside. This added security helps to ensure that your documents are kept safe and secure at all times.

Precious photographs and mementoes in Climate Controlled Document Storage
Precious items can be protected safely and securely.

Call our friendly storage experts today and you can ensure that your documents are protected and preserved for years to come.

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