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Four things you should consider before you move

Moving into a new home is exciting, but what’s not is the amount of packing you have to do beforehand.

It can be stressful, tiring and outright confusing as you attempt to pack all your belongings into boxes before painstakingly transporting them to the new abode — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are four things to consider to make moving easier. 

Start decluttering before you pack

Ask yourself: when was the last time you did a clear-out? The answer is probably longer than you can remember. This means you have a load of things you simply don’t need anymore. 

Instead of packing everything into boxes and making this home’s problem the new home’s problem, go through each room individually and gather items you have no longer have use for. Either dispose of these unwanted belongings, sell them, or donate to a local charity.

During your clear-out, you may come across things that you want to use again, but don’t have a use for in the near future — like seasonal clothing. You don’t particularly want to transport these items and clutter your new home with ski equipment, for example.

This is where our self-storage units come in handy. You can place all your unneeded belongings in a unit and securely lock them away until you need them again. At Wilson Storage, our units come in a range of sizes and with flexible month-to-month contracts, so you can adapt your storage needs to suit your situation.

Know the size of your future space

Before packing, have a clear picture of the new home’s layout so you know how much space you have available.

You may already know the size of your new abode, but you need to have a good idea of how much of your things will fit into the space you’re moving into. 

If you’re downsizing and want to keep items that won’t fit in your new place, then a storage unit is the perfect solution. At Wilson Storage, your items will be placed in a personal unit, which is monitored around the clock — and if you ever need to retrieve an item, you can access your unit 24/7.

Think about your packing 

The worst thing you could do is quickly throw items into boxes with no order or care. Not only will this make unpacking harder, but you risk damaging your precious belongings in the move. 

First, ensure you have all the packaging materials you need: boxes, packing tape, scissors, labels, black marker pens and bubble wrap. Wilson Storage can supply you with all your packaging supplies. 

Next, don’t throw everything into a few large boxes making them hard to lift and risking injury. Spread your packing out into a few, evenly weighted boxes and mark them according to what’s inside.

Organise your move so things you don’t need are stored first. If you’re using a storage unit, think about what you’re going to need quick access to in the future and put them closer to the front of the unit.

If you organise your packing, things will undoubtedly become less stressful and it will make unpacking infinitely easier — meaning you can enjoy your new home quicker.  

Hire some packing professionals

Even if you do follow these suggestions, packing for a home move is time-consuming — and in today’s world, we’re often too busy!

Why not sit back, relax and let Wilson Storage take care of it all for you? We can manage your entire moving process, every step of the way.

We can arrange a complete suite of services including complimentary in-home estimation, packing, and removal.

If you want to transport your belongings yourself, we also provide a move-in van free of charge for up to 4 hours, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the interior of your vehicle. 

Click here to find out more reasons why you should hire one of our vans for your move. 


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