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Kids moved out? Get their stuff into storage.

When your little ones finally grow up and decide it’s time to flee the nest, it can be an emotional time. But once the farewells are over and the tears have dried, you’ll find there are a few benefits to having the home all to yourself again.

Besides the obvious perks of having fewer responsibilities and more free time, you also suddenly have one or two empty bedrooms in the house. You can either leave the bedrooms be (it’s sentimental, we understand) or you can take the opportunity to transform them into an alternative space that will actually enhance your home and lifestyle.

Why not use the space to create that home gym you’ve always wanted? Or maybe a quiet office space for you to work on your passion projects on the weekends. Or perhaps you want a beautiful guest bedroom for when out-of-town visitors come to stay.

In order to make any of these scenarios a reality, you’ll need to do some serious decluttering. But the last thing you want to do is throw out all of your children’s belongings. After all, they haven’t moved to Mars – they’ll want to rummage through their old stuff with fond nostalgia someday.

Enter Wilson Storage. Our rentable storage units are the perfect solution for giving yourself the space to make the most of your newly freed-up bedrooms – without having to throw out treasured belongings.

Simply pack up a few Wilson Storage boxes worth of your kids’ things and head to your nearest Wilson Storage facility to store them. If you’re planning to put away bigger pieces like beds and desks, you can use one of our Wilson Storage vans or ask for our assistance with the move. We’re always happy to help.

And if one day you need that bed back all of a sudden, or you have a burning desire to reminisce about the past, you’ll be able to access those precious items in your storage unit any time you need to.  

To find out more about our storage units, head to our contact us page where you will find a list of all our facilities and phone numbers.

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